Water and Bypass

City Council and the Mayor have a problem on their hands (in part thanks to the federal Conservatives and P3 ideology). If they oppose the will of more than 20,000 Regina electors, are they declaring the ~21,000 electors who voted for the Mayor to also be illegitimate?

Regina Water Watch was not happy with the City staff attempting to change the parameters of a sufficient petition, at the 11th hour.


The new bypass road doesn’t extend nearly far enough eastward to be useful in the long term. Since the Design Regina population plan in the Official Community Plan is set to sprawl at a rate of 70% of new planned housing, the new “bypass” will become another internal Ring Road before two more decades pass. Mark my words. It will be the least of our worries at that point in civilization’s (and Regina’s) woes, so maybe I shouldn’t bother worrying at all like most people.

ADDED: Toll bypass?
The province said they will be looking for possible P3 (public-private) partnership for the project.”


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  1. I totally agree with you about the ring road, with the estimated rate of growth of Regina, the mess of traffic at White City and the ongoing building of commercial enterprices along number one to Balgonie, the ring road should be from Balgonie south and then north Regina via the existing road. To present a ring road at tower road will not help with the traffic.

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