Bike Lanes That Aren’t Clear

Regina frequently has a problem with bike lanes that are not kept clear of road debris. Check out any lane and you’ll find potholes, piles of sand, broken glass, or worse. I made the sand-filled Wascana Parkway bike lane my Facebook Page header image.

It’s no secret I like to talk about cycling infrastructure, so obviously several people sent me the video of the strong-man moving a car out of the bikelane so he could get through on his bike.

This was how I learned about Casey’s videos:

Here’s a great letter to a SanFran cop that thinks bikes should stop at all stop signs, instead of yield and observe the Idaho Stop law.

Cities Who Refuse Slanted Stone, Face This

We’ve all seen a place in Regina where if you were in a wheelchair, you’d hit a dead-end. Recently the sidewalk at Wascana Dr. and Broad St. was closed for more than a week to anyone in a wheelchair. There was no temporary ramp set up for accommodation, or sign indicating the curb-cut was demolished and blocked.

A bus shelter at a stop I frequently use in the Winter, is on a raised cement pedestal with no ramp up into it from the sidewalk. The new bus stops I convinced the City to install a year ago, still have no sidewalk to them through the mud, grass, snow, and branches able-bodied riders more easily navigate.

#YQRTweetupX was fun yet again

It was last night at the Artful Dodger on 11th Ave.

Two years ago I ran into Elan at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival and suggested we should hold a mini-tweetup party. To distinguish it from the main event running about every 3 months, we’d add an “X” on the end of the hashtag. Last year there was a Summer tweetup at Flip (which I missed due to recovering from dying), and so the 2nd almost annual YQR (Regina) Tweetup-X was held this year at Artful Dodger.

Developer Ordered To Rebuild The Plains

…Can you imagine?

“Developer ordered to rebuild historic pub after demolishing it without planning permission”

Udhyam Amin was accused of trying to get planning permission ‘by the back door’ after pulling down the Alchemist pub in Battersea

Why Build Bikelanes When There Are Sidewalks?

Cyclists are forced into a grey area of existence. While they are among the “good-guys” of transportation, they are routinely demonized by the media, angry drivers and even pedestrians.
That can be minimized through construction of comprehensive infrastructure that accommodates cycling as a primary form of transportation.

Brad Wall On “Sustainably Developing Our Energy Resources”

Brad Wall says “…we need to do better in terms of more sustainably developing our energy resources…”

Unfortunately what he means is he wants to find ways of ensuring fossil fuels and uranium come out of the ground at an increasingly profitable pace, no matter the world’s demand/need for such things.
Greg Fingas views it as such, too.

He notes that oil pride goes “Before the fall”. (Although technically oil prices have already fallen.)

The government’s climate change policy works like this: extract every last drop of fossil fuel then pray to God that no one uses it.” – G. Monbiot
I’ll add that they hope no one uses it, so long as someone first buys it. Perhaps we need to consider if the economic system is capable of delivering what Wall says he wants for our society.

I wouldn’t have as big a problem with the SaskParty’s development of Wall’s favoured energy resources if they also put money and thought into doing a better job of sustainably developing our energy resources – all of our resources, like wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro.

“It (coal/oil) employs people right across Canada, indirectly and directly. And yes, we all hope that fossil fuels will one day not be needed, but in the meantime they are — 2013, 80% of the world’s energy was, came from fossil fuels, after all of the world’s projected climate change measures are done by two (zero) thirty five (2035), the number’s 57%.”

It’s 57%, if we as a species fail to avert climate change. If our political leaders make an effort to save us, then it can be less than 10%.

“Coil, coal and oil, will still be a part of, it makes a big part, more than half of the mix of generating energy.

We have a chance as a country to play a big part in that, in terms of reducing the carbon footprint of energy development. We should be a little prouder than we are of the resource, and understand that programs like equalization and all the rest are funded by a strong economy and in our country a big part of a strong economy has been energy.”

Proud that Saskatchewan is a world leader in carbon pollution per capita? Wall’s right that Saskatchewan has a chance to play a big part in reducing the carbon footprint, but he’s barely begun. Aside from the billion tax dollar giveaway to Cenovus at the SaskPower CCS power plant, he’s spent insignificant time/money on wind or solar energy resources.

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Patch Up Foot/chair Traffic?

A request in to Service Regina:

The corner of Wascana Dr. and Broad St. is inaccessible to those in wheelchairs. The closest ramp if coming from the Science Centre is about 400m back from that intersection. A temporary ramp should be considered in this and future construction projects around the city.

Please fix pedestrian crossing buttons at Victoria Ave and Arcola (SE corner), and 4th Ave and Lewvan (NE corner). Push the button, but the walk light doesn’t come up when the lights turn green, it remains on the solid hand.