New Council

Regina has a new City Council, and it looks like the majority of them favour action on the Renewable City motion. Even the anti-Renewables Mayor Fougere was defeated.

Ward 6 has a new Councillor.

There are bound to be interesting Council meetings coming up, too bad they’re on Wednesday afternoon when people are working. Good luck having the public engaged.

There is so much to do, but first I think overpriced bus fares need to be addressed.

Who To Vote For in Regina

It’s complicated to vote for Mayor this year in Regina. Most candidates are opposed to making Regina 100% Renewable, even when the target is a distant and somewhat ridiculous goal of 2050. So, who can you vote for?

The obvious choice is Jim Elliott if you put surviving the climate crisis as your top voting priority. Jim is the best known pro-environment candidate, with a vast knowledge of Regina. However, he routinely fails to be competitive in elections. This year he’s had a much improved campaign, but there are also more candidates.

Sandra Masters doesn’t strike me as someone willing to take the big steps needed to put Regina on the path to becoming a sustainable city. She isn’t Fougere, and may be the best chance to defeat the incumbent, anti-environment, anti-transit, do-little Mayor.

Did you catch Councillor Flegel lying about emissions being lower today than 15 years ago? Why would he do that? Well, CBC didn’t fact check him before printing his lie. Saskatchewan emissions are up, way up. Regina doesn’t track them closely enough for him to make such a claim. The only encouraging emissions change made in that time frame is that now methane at the landfill is burned into CO2 for some electricity.
Then there are his awful claims in his low-quality audio radio ads.

Regina Mayor FougeHair Out Of Ideas

Can you remember back to 2016 when the Mayor ran on a platform of Housing First and ending homelessness, and then in the ensuing years not doing a damn thing to help?

His platform reads like a laundry list of failed, ignored, and outright suppressed ideas from the last years. And who failed to implement those community plans, ignored them, or suppressed them. Him! Why would anyone trust that he’d now want to do them. He only wants to win votes, not do what he’s saying.

  1. Good idea, I’ve called for this to happen, for years now.
  2. Councillor in Ward 1 has had this as a pet project for years, and so far as I know, it’s never been accomplished.
  3. Moving Transit off 11th was rejected soundly last time he proposed it, like the closure of pools when he was twice forced by outcry to relent. It’s a stupid plan, with stupid shuttles that won’t help. He’s never taken a bus, and has no intention of ever helping Regina Transit to be better. It’s a bone thrown to drivists.
  4. Fougere could be called King of the Vacant lot. He’s been on Council throughout the entire #HeritageHole debacle at Albert St. and Victoria Ave. He’s aiming to put a parking lot on that site right now. That’s not development, that’s stagnation.
  5. I shouldn’t feel personally insulted by this last one, but I can’t help it. It’s a giant middle finger to the city, and maybe to me.

    The backstory is that to get the StadiumII project approval, there was a pedestrian and bike route to be constructed from downtown to Evraz Place. When the stadium was about to open, I didn’t see the bike lane construction started even. I asked RRI/City what gives? They deleted the commitment from their website and pretended like it was an oversight! It was a bait and switch, a scam. And here he is running the scam again on anyone foolish enough to think he’s sincere.

“The City of Regina has been preoccupied with this issue, though it’s officially keeping mum pending release of a major transportation study, likely in June (2016).

A few hints are emerging, though. “Cycling, blades, boards, walking … we’re really looking at providing patrons with more choice and a better full game day experience that includes their travel as part of it,” says Kelly Scherr, the city’s director of major projects.” L-P May 29, 2016