How A City Makes You Sick #YQRcc

Not much need for community escalators in Regina (maybe parts of Moose Jaw), but there are other tips in this video for how Regina should think about its streets and community spaces.

If you ever drive through Broad St. N where the school zone is, and wonder why you feel like you should speed, it’s because there is no tree canopy and the street is much too wide at over 6 lanes across. Having a dedicated transit lane, and bike lanes on Broad St. would narrow it sufficiently to make it more appealing to walk or bike down, which improves safety too.

YQR 360- Turning Homelessness Around

Coinciding with the 5 Days for the Homeless charity fundraiser, was another event at the University of Regina Friday afternoon. I caught the last half of it for you, and there were some really interesting comments from the audience and panel members.

University of Regina

University of Regina

When they were mentioning food banks, I felt like pointing out how grocery stores in Regina compact their trash, which actually contains hundreds of pounds of unexpired and edible food. The Food Bank didn’t usually send volunteers to pick up surplus bread products from a local grocery store (before it closed permanently 2 years ago).

U-Pass Passes Referendum Vote at UofR

This is great news for Regina. It’s a good night, where students have become the largest single stakeholder in Regina Transit, and will contribute immensely to improving transit in our city. This of course helps the ~85% of people who drive themselves around the city, because it makes that activity possible without traffic jamming quite as much. Continue reading

Regina Parents Shrink Into Irrational Fear

It concerns me that a school division gave into cowardly Regina parents who succumbed to threats in terrorist propaganda, and media hype about it.

Stand up to fear, and set a better example for those children kept from their field trip.

Regina isn’t alone in pervasive hysteria about a non-threat to our safety. Here’s a scared person in Lethbridge:

I hope speaking out about the really awful media coverage around this story, and its failure to properly put the threats into context, will help us move past this dark time in Canada’s history.

Little Racist Town on the Prairies

Originally posted on murrjw:

I grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Racism exists in Saskatchewan, and Canada, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s a country that will grant someone citizenship with all the rights and freedoms, and yet many Canadians think that for the ‘welcoming ceremony’ the right of religious freedom should be stripped. Many are open about their racism. I’ve worked with people who made it clear that I shouldn’t talk to them and ‘keep my place’. I’ve been subjected to threats and violence. I’ve been intimidated with firearms, including having them pointed at me. Fortunately I have never been shot at, but it has happened to people I know. Someone close to me was fired upon from a bridge while on the water in a canoe — an insanely frightening situation without escape. Fortunately the perpetrators seemed drunk enough they couldn’t hit their target. Often acts of violence against me (like being…

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