On TV, Talking Walking and Biking

Last September I had the good fortune to meet John Z Wetmore of Perils for Pedestrians, seen in over 150 cities on TV.
Cycling, and pedestrian advocates will mostly find it interesting, and there are great scenery shots of our city throughout the ending of the program.

I appear 22 minutes into this broadcast.

In 5-10 years, I think we could easily build a bike network of the sort Calgary has. Pedestrians should have curb cuts at every intersection, and all construction intersections should have accessibility accommodations.


#iBusYQR 2014 #Transit Challenge

Again, Councillor Fraser has made an effort to interest Reginans and fellow Councilors to try using transit for about a week, so they can learn if it works for them, and if not why not. The resulting information could be used by Regina Transit to improve bus service around our city. Well, I don’t think there are too many takers this time, but there are at least a few downtown workers giving it a whirl, and it seems to be working out for them.

Announced just before this challenge, was a push to raise bus fares by ~21% within only a couple years. Considering ridership is already way under where everyone would like it to be, increasing the price people pay at the fare box is a stupid move. Since the Mayor isn’t stupid, one must conclude it’s a conscious effort to suppress the number of people willing using Transit.

Lawson Scandal #YQRcc

A useful summary of the problems around the Lawson Acquatic Centre, by Tammy Robert:

“I’ve got a stack of info here showing kids with no pre-existing condition & who are not elite athletes were hospitalized.”
“there’s definitely at least one serious incident on file in the #yqr mayor’s office.”
“I’m seeing that RQHR initially wouldn’t meet with parents after that advisory at the request of the club’s BofD.”

“Did #yqr police chief Hagen seriously think he could sit around and mull this over for 2 weeks & it wouldn’t get out? Really??”

“Throughout the course of 2013, significant, alarming concerns were raised by #yqr swim club (board & parents) about health, safety of kids.”
“The City of Regina, RQHR & Ministry of Health heard the concerns. Out of one side of their mouths the club’s B of D howled for a fix.”
“But on other side, there was no way anyone was shutting down the #yqr swim club. Where would future Olympians train? & All. That. Revenue.”
“With little action, parents got angry, & divisive over future of #yqr swim club. Concerns over finances compounded pressure on club B of D.”

“Why has Swim Saskatchewan refused to allow provincial meets in the facility, but hasnt stopped #yqr kids/RODSC from training there?”

UPDATE: The police officer is the brother of a Dolphins rep.

UPDATE II: Police Inspector resigns in disgrace.

Libel Lecture

It’s surreal to wake up and read a friend’s message that your name is on the second page of the province’s largest newspapers, because a radio host with a newspaper column decided to sling mud your way. Last Tuesday I attended my 3rd lecture in a week at the UofR by a public speaker, the last one being by John Gormley. To the surprise of everyone in the room, his talk was interrupted by a noisy, yelling, protester. I put the video on my blog, as I did with the other two recent lectures.

Mr. Gormley’s radio station and his radio show in his “showbizzy” way extensively promoted my video of his lecture with the altercation and some interviews I tacked onto the end. In his column’s recap of the lecture, and on TV, he singled me out with derogatory remarks, claiming falsely that I was “leering and giggling” at his misfortune of being aggressively interrupted. Others were recording, and my video too confirms I was not giggling during this interruption. I don’t know how Mr. Gormley could interpret my rapt attention during a public lecture and his unusual altercation as “leering”, but I confirm there was no malice intended. Perhaps radio personalities aren’t used to people looking at them as they talk.

It seems improbable that Mr. Gormley intended no malice with his untrue comments about my behaviour and my political position on the spectrum he measures people by. I suppose even moderates like myself appear left wing from Mr. Gormley’s political perch, as he imagines people with different political views as conspiring against him.

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