#StadiumII videos worth seeing

Take a virtual flyover of the new Mosaic Stadium:


#StadiumII Lackluster Design Produces No Energy

It’s hard to look at another new stadium, and not feel some shame about the new Mosaic Stadium with its 4 drinking fountains. Let me guess, the urinals in Regina’s use water too?

How could our elected officials permit construction of a stadium in this decade and not have it generate a single kilowatt of electricity, or use a drop of grey water? It was an opportunity squandered by people who don’t care that we’re a people living well beyond our world’s means.

The good news? We have a municipal recycling service, and it appears to be used to some degree at the new stadium.

Mosaic #StadiumII and Revitalization

Too bad they dropped the important pedestrian and cyclist access pathway promised in the first phase.

Mosaic #StadiumII Grand Opening

Confederation Park, turned 90 on Friday, and got a facelift, and fountain repair.
A time capsule with a letter I wrote, is going to be opened in 50 years.

And the stadium cheerleaders were giving themselves a pat on the back for being “on time and on budget”, despite that not being literally true since they dropped advertised promised features in order to make it on time, and on budget.

Regina’s Forgotten Mode of Transportation

Dear Editor,

Last year’s Leader-Post article “New stadium to encourage move away from cars”, on July 28, 2016 indicated the City of Regina’s plan to build a Multi-Use Pathway (MUP) from Downtown, to Confederation Park.
“Those without wheels (or only two) aren’t being forgotten.”
Turns out, people on bikes were forgotten, and the reporter was misled. The MUP was never built. I asked the City about it a couple weeks ago. The administrator didn’t know what I was talking about, and they took 2 weeks to confirm they’ve shelved the idea, without giving a reason. It remains advertised on the Regina Revitalization Initiative (RRI) website as I write this. In what appears a cruel irony, the City was just awarded a Federation of Canadian Municipalities grant for sustainable infrastructure related to the RRI.

I’ve never been very pleased with the RRI Stadium or Railyard projects. I suffered through the megaproject bluster for years to give the City a chance to deliver on its promise of revitalizing the area and improving it as they advertised. For them to shelve, rather than build, the safe bike route promised, is the last straw. It was a bait-and-switch swindle.

Imagine the City got you interested in a mega-project with the promises of a new stadium to be built Downtown, with a dome, and food and drink services for the advertised price, but then didn’t deliver on a word of those promises. You don’t even have to imagine, to know how I feel. I feel cheated.

Stadium in Calgary

The Mayor talks to Calgary about their new stadium idea.
I didn’t realize Mayor Fougere was a fan of “big ideas”.

Of course you’ll have to consider the Mayor’s figures in context.
$25M from the Riders for a $278M stadium isn’t even 10%.

“This way, for $73-million, we get a brand new stadium.”
Well, not really, since Regina’s citizens are paying more than that in provincial taxes too, and in ticket fees not present on the paid-for Taylor Field.

#YQRcc Budget

The next City Budget is underway, and I don’t even have to look at it to know that it will do exactly jack-squat to address the most serious issue facing civilization: climate change. While Saskatoon moves to address its buildings’ inefficiencies, what will Regina do to make our public buildings Net Zero energy consumers?


  • We should start charging businesses using the City’s snow dump site.
  • The Stadium II project should yield a building that produces as much electricity as it consumes.
  • Active transportation like cycling and Transit need serious funding, instead of focusing on pot-hole free streets for cars only. What’s under the surface is even more important, as 500km of our water supply pipes are aging, End-Of-Life Asbestos Cement (AC).
  • New subdivisions being built without community centres like schools, libraries, and “Community Centres” (AKA Halls), are sapping our City for money while 60 year old neighbourhoods are not being kept up like most people would expect from a First World nation.
  • Public water and wastewater bills will go up so long as we continue to focus on flushing our waste nutrients into the closest surface water system.
  • Fix the Para Transit system so it doesn’t refuse thousands of ride requests every month. Last Winter Councilor Hawkins said let’s wait and see if it gets better after talking to the Provincial government. Well, it’s 2015 approaching, so what have his buddies in the Sask Party government done with him to fix Regina’s Para Transit in the past year?