Regina, from the air

Regina from the air
Regina from the air, about 3 weeks ago.


Cathedral Village Arts Festival 2013

Kicked it off on Monday with a dancing pickle, and Bike Regina.
Bike Valet

Pile of Bones Brass Band

Parade on Saturday

Hatching a plan with Elan Morgan and photographer Aidan Morgan. #YQRtweetupX idea was born in the middle of 13th Avenue by Safeway, because only people with interesting ideas can be found standing in the middle of streets.


Grain Report was my favourite band on Saturday night.
CVAF - Grain Report

If they were half as loud, they’d be twice as good. PandaCorn grew on me as their set went on. I kept hoping for a wardrobe change after the first song, because they are too good to depend all show on a costume gimick to support their band name and image. I opted to plug my ears for most of the songs so I could hear them without more than my guts shaking.
PandaCorn’s female singer Megan Nash sounds a bit like Jennifer Nettles.

The third band was just as loud, or louder, and I left with my friends after a couple of their songs. The sound mixing folks have to realize that they can be loud, but they must play to the limits of human comfort, not to the limits of audio technology (which is quite capable of making all of us quite deaf in short order).