First Nations University Urban Reserve

(Red Dog) atim kâ-mihkosit Urban Reserve is now here. It’s been 2 decades in the making, and the paperwork was signed this week at the First Nations University of Canada, at a ceremony.

I hope that the housing will be open to University of Regina, and SaskPolyTech students as well. Currently there are student residence spaces available on campus, although they cost a fair bit more than they did when I lived at the University of Regina 2 decades ago. Luther College Residence is already the closest UofR building to FNUniv.

“(It’s) the only time this has ever happened in … Canada, where an urban reserve specifically for the advancement of education has been created,” said FNUniv president Mark Dockstator. “What that means concretely for the university is we will now have the opportunity to start developing this land and achieving that original vision.”

The university’s founders dreamed of building onto the university with things like student residences, daycares and other support facilities, said Dockstator.

CBC’s coverage in the past of urban reserves has been problematic. Why did they present this as the closing thought of their article 4 years ago on the topic?

“The city says there have been no serious problems with any of the urban reserves.”

No kidding. What about opportunities, or improvements in community satisfaction and harmony (reconciliation)?


3rd Regina Solar Co-op founding meeting

On Monday I was pleased to attend the 3rd meeting held in Regina with the objective of forming a solar power co-operative. By late November, there should be money in the bank, and a lot more research complete, which will assist interested Saskatchewanians with setting up solar power systems of their own.

Here’s a CBC radio interview with one of the organizers.

Check how much you could save, while paying off a warrantied solar array that will function long after you’ve made an important home improvement.

Regina Solar Co-op meeting at Artful Dodger on 11th Ave.

3rd? Yes, there’ve been 2 meetings this Winter, but I’m counting one meeting put together by Susan Birley last Winter as the first.

#HousingFirst is in #Regina, but not yet Universal

With improved health and social outcomes so drastic, it’s really unethical for governments to deny Housing First to some people, while providing it to some others.

YQR 360- Turning Homelessness Around

Coinciding with the 5 Days for the Homeless charity fundraiser, was another event at the University of Regina Friday afternoon. I caught the last half of it for you, and there were some really interesting comments from the audience and panel members.

University of Regina

University of Regina

When they were mentioning food banks, I felt like pointing out how grocery stores in Regina compact their trash, which actually contains hundreds of pounds of unexpired and edible food. The Food Bank didn’t usually send volunteers to pick up surplus bread products from a local grocery store (before it closed permanently 2 years ago).

Rooming Houses are Gone #YQRcc

City Council last night voted to limit their regulation of what were known as Owner Occupied “rooming houses” to those places rented out for fewer than 30 days. This restores the status quo Regina has experienced for more than a decade, as people felt free to rent to room-mates without licenses (while they were technically in violation of a bylaw that could put them in jail for a year for doing so!). Now there will be no more bylaw restricting this sort of use in a private dwelling, so hopefully housing supply will not suffer.

Here’s one delegation filed:

Mayor and Council,

I would like to recommend that the Rooming House definition be dropped from the city bylaws. I was an international student from Thailand but now am a permanent resident of Canada studying at the University of Regina and know many other international students that have come here from abroad to study.

For many students living in a Rooming House have been a necessity based on price of rent and availability of housing. I have known several students that have lived in a home with the homeowner and it has always been a good situation for them.

Removal of this bylaw definition will allow many of my friends to stay living where they are and carrying on with their studies.

Thank you,
Lakkana Piewkhaow