Regina Bitcoin Community meets at Tavern

About 40 people showed up to Vic’s Tavern on Tuesday to talk about cryptocurrencies. Among the hot topics:

“Is Bitcoin a bubble?”, and “What is Ethereum?”.

In my table before the group discussion, everyone said Bitcoin was a bubble, but with a big caveat, that it will burst into other newer cryptocurrencies, not mostly back into dollars. In the larger group, few were willing to say it was a bubble. I, and Mike S. were asked to speak for the group to the media that showed up with questions about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. One person, I think it was Kai, or was it Mike (safe bet, there were no fewer than 3 at my table), explained that there were many bubbles in cryptocurrencies, all percolating and popping frequently, faster than most notice.

I felt a little like a celebrity in the room, as several people recognized me from my Bitcoin Symposiums I helped put together 3 years ago when similar crowds came out for an evening of education and visiting.


Meet A Few #YQR Tweeters At #YQRtweetupX

June 13, 2013. RSVP, as space is limited.
Hope to see you at the Freehouse that night.

Co-hosted by Schmutzie, AKA Elan Morgan, and Saskboy (John Klein).

Watch for other fun Tweetup events under the Twitter hashtag #YQRtweetup (without the X on the end). Elan and I are organizing a small Tweetup to fill in the gap between the fantastic, big parties that #YQRTweetup tend to turn into, because we need to spend more time with our Regina (& area) tweeps. Here’s hoping the terrific organizers of previous Tweetups treat us to a tremendous time this Summer too.