Website and Streets Not Up To Date

Sent to Service Regina: isn’t current. It doesn’t have the on street bike lanes in the Greens. Are there other routes missing from this list?

regina bike routes are limited

Also, I need a suggested safe route from Dominion Park to the Stadium. The last time I took Arcola Ave. I was sworn at, honked at, and I was simply using the street in a legal manner while someone shouted that I was supposed to be on the sidewalk (that doesn’t even exist on that part of the street). Years ago I was promised the City was building a bike route from Downtown to the Stadium, and a bike route along Arcola Ave., but where are they? All that construction work on Victoria Ave. is also lacking a safe bike route, why?

It’s been 3 years since this, and the City hasn’t lifted a damn finger.


Here’s the incomplete list:

On-street bicycle routes are located at:

  • Broad Street/Wascana Parkway between Lakeshore Drive and Research Drive
  • Assiniboine Avenue from Park Street to 100m E of University Park Drive
  • McCarthy Boulevard from Brunskill Place to Whelan Drive
  • Smith Street from Victoria Avenue to College Avenue (one-way)
  • Lorne Street from College Avenue to Victoria Avenue (one-way)

When You Break Your Friend’s Trust

The City of Regina, going as far back as Pat Fiacco’s days, has a serious lack of trustworthiness. This is demonstrated in the sad tale of the Glockenspiel once in Victoria Park.

This story was made possible by blogger Kenton de Jong’s blog post last week.


#RRI Survey

Have your say.

A park needs to be created, and enough space for a train station when it returns to the Downtown. Also a pedestrian link from Downtown to Dewdney Ave., so lunch breaks can include Dewdney without going around to Broad or Albert Streets.

“Ensuring redevelopment is compatible with the remaining railway operations

Ensuring redevelopment complements Regina’s Downtown and Warehouse Districts and supports their ongoing revitalization


Environmental remediation of the Railyard site”

PCB contamination on site is a concern.

In showing support for art and culture, someone would have to click Yes to a picture with an ugly overpass.

The pedestrian options didn’t include one covered to protect from the elements, and it should possibly include a solar powered moving sidewalk feature.

#Downtown Safety Update

RDBID plans to have regular public meetings such as this one I went to last evening.

Street Culture Kidz Project

#Transit has hired two security guards for info centre & to patrol. Things have been going well. Worked with RPS to communicate problems.

Increased shelter cleaning, and heated/lighted shelters installed, by the Fall. #downtown #Transit #Yay

Regina Police have officers who can be consulted by businesses on “Crime prevention through environmental design”. I hope that doesn’t mean #homelessSpikes like in the news elsewhere…

Parking Downtown Thoughts #YQRcc
Cutting down cruising for parking[PDF] will reduce traffic congestion and pollution.
Proposed Lorne St. Hub location isn’t any good. There’s no way to idle buses on Lorne St. there without negatively impacting a SaskTel data centre.

air intake

Why Is Downtown #YQR Dead At Night? #YQRcc

In response to Christina Cherneskey’s blog about why Downtown is largely barren after 5:30pm:

One problem is that our parks bylaw prohibits people from enjoying Victoria Park after 11PM, preventing a slew of shift workers from “loitering” or “remaining” in the Park after the Police try to chase out supposed troublemakers. This sends the wrong message to people overall, and they stay away, even though it’s mostly safe.

Another issue is bathrooms. After 9pm, the number of open public washrooms downtown is more than halved! This is in part a factor of the City being cheap, and another is its discrimination toward homeless people, who are another part of the equation. Shelters for the homeless, and resources to help them cope with common afflictions like addiction and mental illness that many of them suffer from, are not in sufficient supply.

Downtown gets locked up. The Cornwall Centre becomes a huge roadblock for someone walking from Victoria Ave. to the Casino, after 6pm most days. Pedestrian overpasses don’t appear on maps or signs, and are locked anyway at night. Scarth St. Mall locks up their indoor hallway, despite some business owners’ objections.

RDBID needs to make Downtown open and welcoming, and offer human amenities they require of (popular) special events (like bathrooms).

Encourage new office towers to all have living spaces in them too, so more people can live downtown, close to where they work. Allow food stores, and community gardens, and a community oven/ outdoor kitchen to open downtown. Don’t close one of the closest schools. Add more bike lanes. Improve snow clearing for pedestrians. Rebuild Regina’s tunnels, so people can travel from one end to the other, underground! Give people easier access to drinking water from public fountains.

People want to take their families where they know they’ll have food, water, shelter, and a place to use a clean bathroom. That doesn’t describe most of Regina’s downtown after 6pm most days, I’m sorry to say.

Is the Downtown for people? #YQRcc #Transit

This debate was on Twitter last night, and it should pick up steam.

If City planners and Council didn’t treat people as if they were some abstraction, and designed downtown to be friendly to people and families, we’d have a much more lively downtown, and a better economy.

(Note the Nico, Zoes sign in the way, on the door mat.)

I’m pretty disappointed with the problem solving skills displayed by the people interviewed. The Student’s Union installed a Transit Live TV above the Riddell Centre door to let students know how far away their buses were, so they could more easily plan trips outdoors to meet bus arrivals. Such an enhancement to the Scarth St. “Old City Hall Mall” would improve the appearance of the building inside I think, and I’d actually venture inside it to use that screen.

The larger issue is that Transit has been underfunded by City Council for decades to the point that the only heated shelter downtown was not repaired when it broke in the 1990s! A Winter City like Regina needs to accommodate people downtown until at least buses stop running at 12:20AM. We can’t keep planning the city in such a way that we don’t add a human amenity out of fear that it might help a homeless person, someone who is poor, or someone who just enjoys using Transit.

Heated shelters should be built into the Cornwall Centre up to the street at Scarth, and elsewhere (e.g. Hamilton St. at Conexus). Same for the Scarth St. Mall. Stop locking it up at 5:30 so people can’t walk around indoors to access the restaurants open until late at night. Regina is a Winter City for cripes sake (a point made frequently by Councillor O’Donnell). How is someone supposed to survive an hour long wait downtown for a bus if everywhere for blocks around the bus transfer point is locked up tight, without even public washrooms to be found at 10pm?

Bonus challenge: Find a public washroom within a two minute walk of the bus stops on 11th Ave. at any time of the day. Try to find one two minutes from Victoria Park at any time of the day. Regina has to stop being afraid to accomodate people who need to pee. (Hint: That’s everyone.)
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