New Council

Regina has a new City Council, and it looks like the majority of them favour action on the Renewable City motion. Even the anti-Renewables Mayor Fougere was defeated.

Ward 6 has a new Councillor.

There are bound to be interesting Council meetings coming up, too bad they’re on Wednesday afternoon when people are working. Good luck having the public engaged.

There is so much to do, but first I think overpriced bus fares need to be addressed.


#EatThinkVote Event A Success

The tables were full of people, and full of delicious free organic food too, at the Eat Think Vote forum for candidates this evening at the Core Ritchie hall. (The event had to wrap up at 8:30 for floor hockey at 9pm.)

After, I got to speak briefly with Della Anaquod of the Liberals, Ralph Goodale (Lib), Tamela Friesen (Green), and Erin Weir (NDP). There was a Libertarian candidate there, and others of each party except the Conservatives. It’s so disrespectful of the Conservative candidates to shun non-partisan campaign events such as this one, which help raise the level of discourse and idea-debate during an election campaign.

I asked Della why she didn’t speak with Ralph, and she said that in 8 minutes it was thought Ralph would be able to get across the Liberal’s points the best. The NDP used this strategy too. The three Greens all spoke well though in their allotted time.

Next political campaign event that you should plan to attend in Regina is Sept 29th:

Regina Election Day – #YQRvotes

It’s election day in our city, and Ward 1 has 3 polling places. If you’re not sure which location is yours, there are tools online, or my campaign team can assist you.

Please encourage your friends and family in our city to vote too. If they are unsure about who to vote for, explain why you’ve chosen the way you have, and how your selected candidates make you feel. Please make a positive choice, and feel good about your effort to keep our city working and improving.