What Does Regina Need

Regina needs a lot of infrastructure upgraded. It wants a bit more.

More transit buses and ways to charge and repair them. $100M

Lead free pipes

Asbestos free pipes $2B?

Repaired Library ($50M)

Wants a new swimming facility ($100M)

PCB free land to develop on in The (rail) Yards. That could cost $1B

What else?


How Would You Fix Arcola Ave. for $42,300,000 or Less?

City Council unanimously approved a plan to spend more than $42 Million on making traffic on Arcola Ave. worse. Yes, you heard me, worse. That wasn’t their intention, but Councillor Stadnichuk brought up the problem, and still voted with the pack to make the mistake.

Direct Administration to bring a supplementary report to City Council
during the 2023-2024 budget consideration, that will include the following:
a) The financial implications to capital planning of the redistribution of
$42.3 million from long to medium term project planning to
expedite the expansion process for the Arcola Avenue corridor”

The City will consider the potential financial implications of building more infrastructure for specifically privately owned, single-occupant motor vehicles, but wasn’t directed by Council to consider the sustainability implications. That’s likely because it violates the Energy and Sustainability Framework’s “Big Moves” related to transportation.

“b) The potential financial implications of adjusting the SAF model to
account for increased costs due to expedition of this project.”

“While the Framework provides an ambitious community-wide plan that will require sustained effort from all sectors of the community, the City of Regina will play a leadership role in modelling the changes and behaviours that are required to reach our goals through advocacy, partnership, awareness/education and direct action in the municipal operation.”

If we’re not addressing transportation with sustainability in mind, why’d we pass the Energy and Sustainability Framework? The Council’s “ambitious community-wide plan” couldn’t even be sustained until even their very next two ~$100M transportation decisions. They took over a hundred million from Transit to build a pool facility, now they’ve assigned nearly that much again to expanding freeways and turning lanes for car drivers with nothing for cyclists or pedestrians or transit users.

My trust is damaged from Council’s inability to implement the crucial Framework. The City Admin is telling Council to implement a plan at least 6 years old, instead of looking to the future with a Framework passed this year.

Here’s an insight by Councillor Bresciani that I hope she takes to heart with her ability to first spend millions on improving transportation infrastructure for either people on bikes, or people in single-occupant motor vehicles who are costing the city more than we can sustain.

The City’s website asks, “Who’s Listening“. Here’s who, with contact info:


Speed limits for Arcola were changed a few years ago, and had no apparent impact on the number of collisions because the number is still far more than 0 every week.

Emailed Council Regarding Political Target

To Regina City Council:

In regard to the Energy and Sustainability Framework, I expect Council to pass it.
My only concern with it is that it doesn’t go far enough, or fast enough. Instead, it focuses on a political target of 2050, while ignoring the 1.5 degree scientific target by planning to exceed the carbon budget for that life-saving goal. It seems unethical at a deeply human level to plan to exceed a life-sustaining level on our planet.

Regina’s Energy & Sustainability Framework

In a province where the Premier describes the oil industry as “sustainable”, one can’t have high hopes for meaningful climate action from its capital city. I mean, we should have hopes, except that mine have been dashed one too many times to naively think that Saskatchewan’s primary power holders will permit Regina City Council to take useful steps toward decarbonizing its transportation and energy systems.

When City Council took a basic step to investigate banning fossil fuel ads from City owned properties, the Premier had a meltdown and launched a blistering attack that left one Councillor fired from their other job, and at least one other Councillor writing a yes-man letter that would put to shame the groveling of any sidekick to any Disney villain.

Regina could be #100Renewable in its energy use as promised half a decade ago by the last Council. However, their target for useful action remains 2050. There’s no enforcement beyond me and a few others trying to hold their feet to the fire. Well, the Premier has lost to the Supreme Court too, but didn’t face any personal loss, just a humiliating professional one. That’s absurd in the face of news about what’s happening right now at Earth’s poles. We need dramatic, concrete actions, not more political dickering about taxes, incentives, and gradual market solutions.


“It makes me so upset when leaders make absurd policies that will leave the world a worse place for younger generations.”

Me too, Chantzy.