What The Hell, Scarth St.

Do the survey. Sure, it’s torqued as hell, and probably won’t matter, but you can see how the sausage gets made if you participate.


Stupid Sillies at City Hall Seek Scarth St. Shredding

Did I ever tell you about the time that police detained me on Scarth St.? Of course I did, but that’s a whole other story.

Escooter Plan A Dud

Dear City Clerk:

I’d like to speak to Council regarding their plan to prohibit private escooters, while allowing only corporate owned ones.



To the committee:

Why are you planning to allow only dynamic business leaders to rent escooters to people? Many people in Regina already own electric mobility devices, but you don’t think people should own and use them? You run a city rife with oversized trucks and SUVs endangering everyone and killing some people in regular sized motor vehicles, as well as other people who walk and bike. Instead, you’re going to limit the mobility choices of people doing something positive today to help the City of Regina meet its Net Zero sustainability target.

It makes no sense, and I doubt any of you could explain to me why it’s a good plan. What constituents even think it’s a good idea? Please don’t prevent people from using their own e-scooters. They cost only 2 cents to recharge, plus they’re affordable, unlike vehicles that burn gasoline at $1.59/L.

Making One Wheels, hoverboards, and escooters illegal to use practically everywhere, limiting the amount of vibrancy and fun the people in our city are allowed to have, that’s a bad joke. You’ve the option to create over-regulation to limit fun. You could make it easier to drive a large, fuel inefficient car like many of you own, or you could make it easier for people to use a 40lb, zero emission e-mobility device like I use.

I e-bike around Regina year-round. And speaking for people with a devotion to ecology who both care about the habitability of our city, and for those who want to retain the freedom to make good transportation choices, you should not treat escooters differently from ebikes. It’s easiest if you apply ebike rules to One Wheels, escooters, hoverboards, and future personal transportation technologies.

I asked one of my kids what he thought of your escooter ban and he said, “It’s stupid.” He then said some things I can’t repeat to this committee, but they were funny, and referenced a popular meme involving Will Smith. He’s not happy about the ban and your plan to limit mobility to people living (or being driven to) where escooters can be rented from. I think the only people happy with your plan will be the ones who own escooter rental businesses. And while their view counts, it shouldn’t be the last word on limiting mobility options for people in Regina.


John Klein

Showing My Regina, SK

Experience Regina Faceplant

To impress the federal Tourism Minister, Tourism Regina changed their name in homage to a parody video of the city. Several other people were not impressed very much, and the campaign has since been scaled back to appear less misogynistic.

Ouch, the WaPo gave it some notoriety.