Dr. Michael King on Blockchain Fintech

The University of Regina hosted guest lecturer Dr. Michael King from the Ivey School of Business, Friday March 8, 2019.
He explained how blockchain is a part of the advancing financial technology sector of business, and then explained how blockchain technology started with Bitcoin, and where it’s likely to appear next.


Should You Buy Bitcoin?

First, a little history on this question. Assuming you plan to live past 2019, you may find the following demonstration useful.

Should you buy Bitcoin in:

2010 – YES
2011 – YES
2012 – YES
2013 – YES
2014 – YES
2015 – YES
2016 – YES
2017 – YES, although it’s scary right now if you bought in December.
2018 – YES? Yes.
2019 – YES? Yes.

The price of Bitcoin today is roughly $6700US or C$8888.88

UPDATE: As of 10:00pm tonight, the price of Bitcoin is roughly $9999.99
Although it will not continue to increase at this rate, and there will be chances to purchase it still for far less than today’s price, the point remains, if you want to turn some money into more money long term, buy and hold Bitcoin long term.

#YQRbitcoin Symposium Tuesday at the Queen City Hub

There’s a Bitcoin Symposium coming up in a couple days.

Details at the Facebook event page.

It’s already got quite a bit of media coverage.

-Ethan is one of our speakers

There will be people from Crash Bang Labs in attendance to help answer questions, besides the numerous guest speakers. There are 2 CBL members (myself included) giving presentations at the Symposium. It’s expected to be a packed event, so come early if you need a chair. Admission by donation to QC Hub and shared with Crash Bang Labs.