Camp Justice Chased Out By Judge

Wild and crazed judge, civil servants, and politicians chased protesters from a public park in Regina. The protesters were asking politicians to fix laws that have judges and civil servants stealing children from indigenous families, without cause.

Still no justice, but perhaps another day.


On TV, Talking Walking and Biking

Last September I had the good fortune to meet John Z Wetmore of Perils for Pedestrians, seen in over 150 cities on TV.
Cycling, and pedestrian advocates will mostly find it interesting, and there are great scenery shots of our city throughout the ending of the program.

I appear 22 minutes into this broadcast.

In 5-10 years, I think we could easily build a bike network of the sort Calgary has. Pedestrians should have curb cuts at every intersection, and all construction intersections should have accessibility accommodations.

Queen City Ex 2018

Queen City Ex
I made it to several evenings of the Queen City Ex this year, including the Arkells, Burton Cummings, and Craig Morgan musical acts. All 3 were excellent, although Burton started early, and ended early due to lightning in the area. I also saw the drum corps, and the Joshua Seth hypnosis show, as well as a light show at the end of the fair. I ran into many friends, and people I knew, even the police officer who helped save my life 4 years ago.

One of the highlights was a chance to try professionally prepared cricket cheese sandwiches. Here’s the customer in line behind me, who said she’s had moose, elk, rabbit, and so cricket is no stretch of the imagination.
Queen City Ex

Mach 3 looked like fun.
Queen City Ex

Some left the ride that dropped straight down, looking a little shaken. I watched a young boy, maybe 13 get off after first huddling in the chair for a few moments, and wipe his eyes dry before finally grinning to his family again.

Queen City Ex

Queen City Ex

Queen City Ex

New Moose Javian, Burton Cummings:
Queen City Ex

Queen City Ex 2018

Queen City Ex 2018

Queen City Ex 2018

Greed and Envy

I don’t normally blog about work, because people can be pretty sensitive to coworkers talking about things to do with work, online. Salaries and earnings are especially sensitive, as many people stake personal worth, and social standing on the figures.

It’s worth pointing out though that the University of Regina has made an effort to be more transparent about how much it is paying its top-earning staff and faculty. The figures had been public before, but now they are online for more immediate perusal.

http://www.uregina. ca/orp/statistics/faculty-staff.html

The list shows almost everyone at the University making $100,000/year or more, each July.

I expect highly educated people in a specialized field to be making a lot of money, but frankly some of the salaries shocked me. Considering most of my coworkers took a pay cut last contract negotiation this year, it would have been possible to get significant pay raises with a small <0.5% cut to the top-earning staff and faculty instead. Cost of living isn’t being kept up with, by many staff in the CUPE 5791 union. While students suffer from increasing tuition as the province fails to fund the university enough, it’s not fair to be asking front-line staff to take pay cuts while more than 400 other people make 3 to 10 times more than a typical student wage. It is income inequality beyond the pale.

Should You Buy Bitcoin?

First, a little history on this question. Assuming you plan to live past 2019, you may find the following demonstration useful.

Should you buy Bitcoin in:

2010 – YES
2011 – YES
2012 – YES
2013 – YES
2014 – YES
2015 – YES
2016 – YES
2017 – YES, although it’s scary right now if you bought in December.
2018 – YES? Yes.
2019 – YES? Yes.

The price of Bitcoin today is roughly $6700US or C$8888.88

UPDATE: As of 10:00pm tonight, the price of Bitcoin is roughly $9999.99
Although it will not continue to increase at this rate, and there will be chances to purchase it still for far less than today’s price, the point remains, if you want to turn some money into more money long term, buy and hold Bitcoin long term.