Keep Baiting That Hook

The dishonesty from City Hall civil servants implementing this reversal, and those on Council covering for past Council lies, is really disheartening. The Mayor should correct herself, affordable housing was absolutely promised, and she should do her best to implement it this winter.

UPDATE: Mayor doubles down on playing stupid.


You Won’t Believe The Price Difference

You might say that owning a car is freedom. If you say that though, you’ve probably never been short on money in the bank. A car is ridiculously expensive to own on your own. Some people obviously do for the status symbol aspect, to show off their wealth. Other people who’d rather save thousands of dollars have a secret. I’ll share it with you.

OK, it’s not a secret. If it is, it’s an open one. Bikes cost a lot less to operate than cars. How much less? Let’s do the math.

Gas has been about $1.75/L lately in Regina.

Assuming you have an efficient gas car that gets 6L/100km that’s 6*$1.75 to go 100km, or $10.50

My ebike I charge every workday, and it uses electricity that costs 15cents/kWh when charged at home. How far can an ebike go on 1000Wh of electricity? Roughly 15Wh/km so that’s 1000/15 = 66km

66km/100km = 2/3

1.33*15cents = 20cents.

It doesn’t take an expert to realize that $0.20 is a lot less than $10.50 to travel the same distance.

What Does Regina Need

Regina needs a lot of infrastructure upgraded. It wants a bit more.

More transit buses and ways to charge and repair them. $100M

Lead free pipes

Asbestos free pipes $2B?

Repaired Library ($50M)

Wants a new swimming facility ($100M)

PCB free land to develop on in The (rail) Yards. That could cost $1B

What else?

City Dodging The Only Question

In light of the City’s Catalyst Committee, I had one question for the Committee. I sent it to them through their BeHeard website which indicated 7 people were following the page. A number of days later they responded without providing an answer to my one question.

City of Regina <>Mon, Oct 17, 2:13 PM

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to visit Be Heard Regina and asking us a question.

You asked:


Yes, just 1 question. How can we trust the City will follow through with what it decides to do? Mosaic Stadium was constructed under the lie that there would be a bike path constructed from Downtown Regina to the stadium, but when the project was unveiled, there was no such part of the project even attempted. The site says only 7 people are following this, so I’ll expect an answer this week, as you shouldn’t be too busy with all the other questions. Thanks.’

Our response has now been posted on the site.

Our response:

Thank you for your question. 

We encourage you to attend the in-person sessions or participate in the online survey to share your thoughts for these projects. The survey is available until end of day November 10. 

Please let us know if you have any more questions or if anything needs to be clarified.


City of Regina

Well, that’s ridiculous. I replied:


I don’t have “more” questions, I have my original question that you didn’t answer.

It’s just 1 question. How can we trust the City will follow through with what it publicly decides to do?

I have no trust in your consultation process or willingness to follow through, and there are vacant lots at The Plains Hotel, Taylor Field & The Yards, and a missing bike lane between Downtown and Mosaic Stadium to support my suspicions.

That’s my feedback. I don’t need to complete a survey that’s proposing things that will not happen as promised if you can’t explain why this time is different and will follow the Official Community Plan. Otherwise you’re Lucy holding a football asking me and the public to be Charlie Brown.



Lucy (City Hall) tricks Charlie Brown (the public) again

UPDATE: The City responded. Still didn’t answer the question though.

Thanks for your follow up comment. Your distrust in the Catalyst Committee consultation process is recognized, respected, and will be shared with the Catalyst Committee.


City of Regina

Why would they “respect” distrust? Is it justified?¬†

The Committee makes no effort to defend its integrity when challenged? I guess we’ll see when it’s shared with them. Or rather, I guess we won’t see.