Emailed Council Regarding Political Target

To Regina City Council:

In regard to the Energy and Sustainability Framework, I expect Council to pass it.
My only concern with it is that it doesn’t go far enough, or fast enough. Instead, it focuses on a political target of 2050, while ignoring the 1.5 degree scientific target by planning to exceed the carbon budget for that life-saving goal. It seems unethical at a deeply human level to plan to exceed a life-sustaining level on our planet.


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2 thoughts on “Emailed Council Regarding Political Target

  1. I tried messaging council about the framework not mentioning sprawl and that the public wanted active transportation and transit, two things our council neglects, but I never heard back from anyone on council. I did get a reply it was being forwarded to the Framework committee and council.

    • Looks like they got it. Might not all read it, I kept it short to improve the odds.

      “Thanks for using the “Contact Your Councillor” form on Service Request 2144556 has been created and sent to the Technology & Digital Innovation. The Council members you contacted have received a copy of your submission.
      Please visit Be Heard Regina at to leave your feedback.

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