Saskatoon Ahead of Regina on Electric Transit

Years ago a BYD electric bus from China toured western Canada. St. Albert bought some on the spot. Regina Transit said they wouldn’t pursue zero emission transit until their new bus barn is constructed.
The federal government provided money to build that facility, but a location wasn’t sited, and nothing has been started even years later.
As a result, Regina Transit isn’t well positioned to support the 100% renewable city motion of 2 years ago, to have emissions cut to net-zero by 2050.
Last year I was told by a City Hall admin that Transit was investigating natural gas vehicles. That’s disturbing. It was literally the 1990s that the City of Regina had natural fossil gas vehicles in their truck fleet, and obviously they weren’t continued. There’s no excuse to look into that technology at this point with battery costs falling to record lows.

Earlier this year.


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