Buying An EV in Saskatchewan

What’s it like to buy an EV electric vehicle in the province of Saskatchewan?
Difficult, in 2017.

Moose Jaw’s Nissan dealership:

I can’t get a test drive in a Nissan Leaf at the Regina dealership, but your site says you have access to all Nissan models, so I’m hoping you’ve one available. Please let me know what you have, and I’ll arrange to head over to Moose Jaw.

“Your Message Has Been Sent
Thank you for submitting your inquiry
A representative from Western Nissan will be contacting you shortly. You can also phone (306) 691-0016 with any questions or concerns.”

Nissan Moose Jaw home page all models mistake

Hi John, Thanks very much for the email! Unfortunately your closest Leaf certified dealer would be Prince Albert, Evergreen Nissan.

We stock the Nissan line up starting at the Micra.

Hi Allen,

You’ll probably want to update your website then, the graphic I saw on it said you could get any Nissan.

Going to PA for a car that has a 170km range every 5 hours isn’t feasible, while Moose Jaw would be at only 70km away

Is there a reason you’re not selling EVs? I used a Leaf while on vacation this year and have planned to buy one ever since …



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