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For City Council on Monday:

Your Worship,

I’m here to speak in support of Saskatchewan’s Crown Corporations. I’m originally from a small town that would not have had electrical grid service, nor widespread telephone service when it did if not for the creation of Crown corporations. SaskPower, SGI, STC, and SaskTel are among the very best service providers in Canada to this day, often offering rates far below their national competitors’ rates.

While I was on the advisory board for SaskTel’s Community Net high speed Internet service to schools and libraries, we led the world in broadband access across our vast province. Crowns are capable of delivering world-leading services, and ultimately that’s what City government is here for, not to make a profit, but to deliver needed services that individuals are not well suited to provide in a competitive economy.

It’s still possible for Regina, Saskatoon, and other municipalities to save STC by taking it over, since we run Transportation services with larger budgets than the “loss” STC incurs each year to offer transportation service to Regina and the rest of the province. If we focus on routes admittedly “profitable” by the Provincial government, we can maintain service levels to some destinations, and add a revenue stream for the City of Regina. Try to find another delegation that offers a revenue stream that fits with one of the City’s core-services already in existence.

Other parts of Canada have inter-regional transportation services, like Go Transit, and Via Rail. The Provincial Government has failed in its duty to provide multi-modal transportation options to its citizens and visitors, so the City should make its best effort to fill in that gap as it does with ParaTransit service. I must bring up the Province is paying for shuttle buses to the city’s hospitals to reduce parking problems, rather than fund Regina Transit sufficiently to operate shuttles that are available for patients and regular Transit users as well. There are smarter ways of delivering Transit services, but standing by and letting STC be scrapped is not one of those smart choices.

Speaking of smart choices regarding Transit, I’d like to see fares for children be reduced to $0. This would encourage families to use the bus over private automobile choices.


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One thought on “Support Our Crown Corporations

  1. Who doesn’t love free, expansive, surface parking in Regina? Um, maybe everyone who wants affordable transportation, cleaner air, a stable-survivable climate, and understands how free parking is making those important things unattainable.

    I almost walked out, pained by the stunning ignorance of Councillors during their breathtaking debate about Transit.

    1. Councillor Flegel didn’t know the cost of a bus fare, despite voting to raise them a couple years ago.
    2. Councillor Hawkins hates buses (and probably people who use them) and doesn’t hide that fact.
    3. Councillor Bryce thought that the province is downloading an expense onto the City if school kids use buses that are already there. She thought the U-Pass was a related topic (it is not), and was unaware of a partnership between the City and RBE that Councillor O’Donnel later raised as a bit of information.
    4. Councillor Young was disappointed about the “timing” of the motion, because it put the City in the driver’s seat, and she wanted the idea to be brought to Council later, instead of taking the lead.
    5. Mayor Fougere expressed a similar concern, after claiming he actually liked the idea, but would not support it because of “downloading” that doesn’t exist in this case.
    6. Councillor Findura claimed he wanted more information from the Administration, and that he understood what the motion would do, but would vote against the motion. The motion if passed would have the Admin provide the information he sought, so clearly he DIDN’T understand what his vote was doing.
    7. Councillor Murray seemed not to support the motion either. He was concerned about the school board losing some funding from the Province, but why?

    Several people nearly lost their sanity and their hair during the debate.

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