Stop The Cuts To Libraries #saveSKlibraries

Dear Ministers Morgan and Beaudry-Mellor:

Please reverse your cuts to regional library budgets. The ending of the inter-library loans program is very sad. Saskatchewan is regressing under your leadership. I worked for years in regional libraries, and have been a user of libraries for longer, and it’s difficult to watch your government slash education and social services in this way. Many people depend upon them, and many lack the sort of privileges that permit me to speak out against your destructive actions that harm them. Saskatchewan people would rather see PST at 7% again than lose their library services.

Please, straighten out your priorities to put vulnerable people first, and fund what you promised to last year, even if that means you have to raise consumption taxes.

John Klein

An example of the Premier’s about face:

And who can forget the SaskParty’s ending the Library’s courier system too:


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  1. Reply I got soon after:


    Thank you for your email. I will see that Minister Morgan receives your message.

    Gordon []
    Constituency Assistant
    To Don Morgan

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