Which Foxes Run The Hen House?

The LeaderPost editors asked some good questions about a delayed report:

Noting that [school board] controversy, and a need for good relationships with other governments, Nicol said, “That’s why it came out after the election. I would stand by that thinking that it was a prudent decision.”

Taken together, these statements raise some questions:

• The city and its staff work for the taxpayers of Regina and their elected representatives. Does that not necessarily include being critical of others when needed — and letting the political chips fall where they may, rather than taking pains to avoid controversy?

• Would any senior city employee take it on himself or herself to delay a major report? Who controls council’s agenda: our elected representatives or bureaucrats?

• If there was, as Nicol as indicated, a serious misunderstanding between senior managers, why did somebody in authority not take a few minutes to write an email formally setting things straight — to get a correction “on the record”? If such a correction exists, now would be a good time to make it public.

• Finally, all this transpired about eight months ago. Is this week’s disclosure coincidence, or is whoever released the emails involved in a little municipal election mischief making?

All in all, the city’s too-delicate response to one election is now a distraction during another.


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