Who Would I Vote For?

I decided not to run for City Council this year. A lot changed in my life since 2012, and although I’m not happy with who makes up City Council (and incumbents who are most likely to next time either), I didn’t feel enabled by enough people in Regina to be a leader for change this October 26th.

Instead I’ve provided some support to other candidates who sought my advice or support. For those interested, I’m going to list who I’d vote for in each Ward, if I had that opportunity.

Ward 1:
Neither. I don’t think either of the candidates is suited to building a Regina we need. Councillor Young has promised more cycling infrastructure, but her track record suggests it will never become enough of a priority for her to follow through on that promise. I’ve never met the other candidate, and he doesn’t appear to be running a serious campaign.

Ward 2:
SILZER, Laur’Lei. Why? Just a gut feeling.

Ward 3:
STEVENS, Andrew. Why? Never met the fellow, but he’s a co-worker, and I read he also bikes to work year-round.

Ward 4:
​DEBIA, Asfaw. Why? I’ve met him once.

Ward 5:
GOODMAN, Anthony. Why? He’s not an incumbent Councillor.

Ward 6:
This is difficult. Not Femi, as I’m informed he sought to be a HarperCon MP. Maybe even Murray since he’s recommended by some friends of mine, but I remain skeptical because his father wasn’t a very positive influence on Council. Maybe Deiter, Deacon, or Lavallee. I’d pick one at random between Deiter or Lavallee unless something changes. Stephenson I’ve met before, but he ran for the Sask Party, and the last Sask Party candidate to become Councillor has been a disaster.

Ward 7:
DULMAGE, James. Why? I’ve spoken with him a couple times online.

Ward 8:
CHAPADOS, David. Why? He’s the best of the candidates I’ve met running during this election campaign.

Ward 9:
WOTHERSPOON, Aidan. Why? I’ve met him, and he’s the obvious choice to replace Hincks.

Ward 10:
SKLAR, Brian. Why? I’ve met him, and he’s a capable musician involved in left-wing politics for years.

ELLIOTT, Jim. Why? He’s a friend, and the obvious choice for a capable Mayor who also cares about Regina’s long-term viability.

There are also school board positions.
Brett Salkeld I went to University with. He even once borrowed a computer of mine. He’d be a good choice for Catholic Board.
Misty Longman is another co-worker, and I think she’d do a great job for the school board.


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