Electric Vehicles in Regina

One of the advantages of not running for City Council this year is I have more time for fun events. And 2 members of City Council were there checking out the Teslas, Leafs, Volts, and VW converted-electric Bug. Councillor Murray, and Mayor Fougere both stopped by to scope out the latest, greatest cars, and the Mayor through Murray proclaimed it National Drive Electric Week in Regina.

I got to work on Monday by using my electric bike, and will all week, so mission accomplished. You may have greater difficulty, but there are electric bikes for sale at Dutch Cycle and Western Cycle, I know. Canadian Tire may also have something. Prince Albert has a Nissan dealer with electric cars on the lot. The Mayor suggested that he’d like to have an electric car as the Mayor’s vehicle. That’s a step up, but a better option would be a shared electric car as the Mayor’s car. That’s what Elon Musk envisions anyway too. I’m not holding my breath that this Mayor gets one.

The Tesla owners had a variety of adapters for the various charging solutions out there. The standard 110V wall plug can work, but rather slowly since it has a 15 amp maximum, while many EVs can make use of 60 or more amps at a time to charge far more quickly.

There are NDEW events around the province this week, including in Swift Current and Saskatoon, so check them out. It was at Peavey Mart in Regina, in part because they have great support for electric cars at all of their stores.



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