City Isn’t Giving Us The Best

Underwhelmed is the polite word. Embarrassed for Regina. Disappointed in the City’s lack of initiative. Angry at their institutional disregard for cyclist/people safety. City Council is not funding the infrastructure needed to reduce the risk of deadly collisions, nor to encourage more people to take up cycling in their daily lives.

The answer then becomes “We don’t have budget approval for that,” which means City Council is waiting for more people to die on the streets before they identify safe street infrastructure as a priority.

“It will be slightly better to have a painted bike lane, it’s not anywhere close to safe as a separated bike lane would be though. And other cities that are light years ahead of us are doing those sorts of things. So, I don’t know why we can’t learn from the cities that are doing the best infrastructure and copy that, instead of seemingly muddling along with incremental changes.” – Me

If we don’t change the infrastructure, I don’t think we can reasonably expect people to change their behaviour.


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