To Paint Or Do The Right Thing

Will Regina paint more “sharrows” or will they do the right thing for cyclist safety?

Neither, this week. They’ll meet on Thursday with the public, planning to extend a downtown bike lane only 1 more block. This gives them room to extend it another 2 blocks sometime in the future and look busy at another time changing less than 1 tenth of one percent of the city’s streets to be safer for people.

Meanwhile in real cities like LA

Who would want to cut injuries in half? That sounds far too safe. Better to pass a helmet law instead of building roads properly so they are safe.

Real safety is determined by environmental conditions. While clearly useful, mandatory seatbelts do not reassure me that driving on highways during a blizzard is a smart idea. In the same way, mandatory helmets would not reassure me that navigating [Arcola] Avenue on a bike ever is.


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