Open A Walking Lane

The City of Regina page defended this ridiculous car-centric layout, instead of conceding that a pedestrian walkway should be provided on Victoria Ave, at a major intersection. It’s not even funny seeing motorists complain about the prospect of having to change lanes, whilst telling pedestrians to cross the street twice, and to “think of congestion”. Has a motorist driving by themselves in a 4 person vehicle ever thought about the congestion they cause by not walking?

Large building construction takes several years to complete. Balancing pedestrian safety with avoiding inconvenience is a challenge. We are committed to the safety of pedestrians. The area around the construction site needs to be free of pedestrians for their safety. Some roadways allow room for providing safe pedestrian access alongside building construction, while others do not.

If the area is unsafe for pedestrians, it’s not safe for motorists. If the area actually is safe for motorists, it’s safe for a covered walk-way which should be constructed especially because it’s going to take “several years to complete”.


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