Regina Could Celebrate Bypass

To usher in a new era of people driving across Canada now being able to avoid going into Regina, our city should open a new sidewalk. The grand sidewalk could connect downtown Regina with the furthest reaches of the east (Princess Auto / Peavey Mart), and would celebrate the making of Victoria Avenue a Regina city street again, instead of a clogged main stretch of TransCanada Highway.

The proposed pedestrian safety committee could certainly look into how to do this. Our millions saved on not having snow to clear this past Winter could be poured into this TransRegina Sidewalk. Bonus points if they build it with a separated bike lane. (We all know the City Council isn’t capable of this forethought, so if the sidewalk is built, it will instead be the safer bike-way too.)

On Sunday I noticed a family pulling a child’s wagon, as they walked west down the Victoria Ave. E. service road just east of Fleet St. Are we so poor a city that we cannot afford to pave a standard sidewalk width of gutter/curb along side our bustling urban streets built primarily for automobiles? Does the safety of pedestrians, including children, mean so little to us? Let me answer with a photo:

Make-do bus stop infrastructure AKA a bus stop sign. Bike lane on Wascana Parkway.

Then, when a new sidewalk is built, if there’s adjacent road or property construction, this is what happens:

"Improving pedestrian safety" by blocking the sidewalk.


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One thought on “Regina Could Celebrate Bypass

  1. Good idea for the sidewalk except thanks to induced traffic, the bypass will clog up with cars within a couple years and then Victoria again too. We’re going to need that road capacity for the cars, John. We always need more capacity for cars.

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