Transit Stops Removed Doesn’t Equal Lost Service?

I had some harsh words for Regina Transit’s latest service change to make it into the news, the other day. I’ve had more than a few bones to pick with them. They graciously reached out to me. Here’s a portion of their reply:

Transit often has delays that it experiences on the road that it must contend with to maintain the schedule. For the most part, these delays may be out of the Transit’s system’s hands.  However, delays also happen depending on the amount of bus stops on a particular route.  This is one thing that the Transit department can control.  Looking at three corridors (Albert Street, Broad Street, Victoria Avenue) there are opportunities where there is low ridership and bus stops that are placed too close together to minimize delays to buses on the route.  The result is a better on time performance and a quicker trip for the customers to make the transit system more time competitive with the private automobile.

This is not a cut to bus service hours or a reduction in service.

(Emphasis mine)

Literally removing service from a block presently served by a stop, isn’t a reduction? Someone doesn’t have to check a dictionary to know that’s doublespeak. The real point Transit is trying to make is that people won’t notice the reduction because overall the trip times may go down and ridership could increase. That all remains to be seen.

Really it’s everyone doing the one thing they can control, and the real/best solutions are not being discussed. As a citizen all I can do is object to City Council (and Regina Transit) about this bonehead maneuver to remove 40 stops. As Regina Transit all they can do is change routes or remove or add stops, they can’t add more buses like they really need. City Council is the problem (which we the citizens are responsible for), they won’t provide the buses and drivers and enforcement, and HOV lanes required to have an effective system. So we get half measures that force Regina Transit into turning major streets into pretend express routes all day and night, leaving people to walk 3+ blocks to catch a bus when right now it’s every other block.
And the stops will fill in with parked cars for free instead, and people crossing won’t be as visible to vehicle traffic, and cyclists will have more doors to contend with too. It’s not even close to the spirit of the Transportation Master Plan.

Don't make me come back there! #transit

GOOSE PLAINS, SK – The City of Goose Plains announced they’ll be soon requiring the spacing of all private car parking spots 400m from each location. This will reduce traffic congestion, and enhance convenience for drivers, as they will not need to drive as great a distance in most cases to park their vehicle where it will sit for more than 23 hours a day.

UPDATE: The result –


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