Another Offensively Bad #Transit Idea from City of Regina

This idea from the City really is the worst. No one taking the bus from points to or from Vic, Albert or Broad would be in favour of this. We already have Express buses on those streets that address the perception of some riders that there are too many stops.

Here’s a workable theory:

TMLfan in exile writes:
The only reason for this is because they got complaints from people getting tickets for parking in the BUS LANES when the signs are large (at least double normal) and clearly marked indicating no stopping between 8:30am and 5:30pm.

Buses are so infrequent, on their very long routes, that it’s often faster to walk to your destination than wait for a bus. If you start walking, and see your bus coming down the street, the City’s bad idea will make it much less likely that you’ll be able to run to a remaining bus stop in time to get picked up. This proposal is entirely about increasing free street parking (which makes pedestrians and cyclists less safe), and nothing to do with improving the quality of transit service.

Regina Transit drivers have explained to me since the R-Card fare boxes were installed, stop times have increased as people struggle to feed coins into the fare box. Free transit removes this expense from the buses, and would increase efficiency of the service.

“The city is also looking into removing a transit stop within the Wal-Mart and Sobey’s parking lot near Rochdale Boulevard in the north end because of traffic congestion.”

Seriously? The whoever said that at the City, is trying to make Regina into a laughing stock. Why would you attempt to degrade mass transit service in an effort to improve traffic congestion? It’s not buses that are congesting Regina’s traffic.

ADDED: Look at what Saskatoon is proposing to improve transit service instead, for growth?

“For the first time we’re seeing public transit at the centre of the discussion for long term planning.”

ADDED: There are studies that show longer walks will decrease the number of people taking a bus. I do not know if there’s any study showing that removing stops will usefully decrease delays for people on buses and prevent them from leaving transit use for alternatives.

UPDATE: Regina Transit responds.

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