“Keeps Them Off The Street”

I don’t mind my Tims.” – Murray. [49:24]

Cars, like delinquent/abandoned children, need to be kept off the street, and in massively oversized Tim Hortons parking lots, according to Flegel.

Paul of the Prairie Dog and QCIB was justifiably taken aback.

they didn’t even hesitate to approve a Tim Horton’s for the city’s northeast that will boast a 69-stall surface parking lot. Can you think of a better use of our green-space than that? Incidentally, the parking required by law for that site would be nine stalls. This new Tim Horton’s will have a parking lot nearly eight times larger than that. Talk about overachievers!

It’s unclear to me from the diagram if there will be any bike parking on site of the coffee shop.
OCP section D3 [PDF]:
“Offer a range of year-round sustainable transportation choices for all, including a complete streets framework.”
Will Tims offer even Electric Vehicle charger parking?
There’s not even a sidewalk down the north side of Ross Ave. headed toward Broad St.

There are obvious “Environmental Implications” in building a paved 69 stall surface parking lot, so why does the City of Regina administration gloss over them so completely?

Johanna asked, “Who would be making those recommendations?”

The Environment Advisory Committee, who hasn’t met since 2014, presumably.



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