Day Passes on #Transit Buses in Regina?

It’s 2016, and the issue of not being able to buy Day passes on the buses in Regina has existed and been raised with Transit on multiple occasions. My previous solution suggested to them hasn’t got anywhere for years, so I provided a low-tech solution today.

UPDATE: Jan 26 call back:
Regina Transit will not upgrade the fare boxes’ software to print Day Passes, and won’t accept the low tech solution that requires drivers to have a stash of passes available for purchase. They insist that Day Passes are “readily available” at places like Safeway or at the Transit office downtown. “Oh really,” I say. What about a visitor I want to take around town? We have to get onto a bus for $3, get off downtown, go into the Transit office (if it’s open), buy the pass for $9, then wait for the next bus to go by to begin our journey.

So carrying even a $45 Day Pass inventory on each bus would cost the City? “Absolutely.” With only 33 sold a month city wide, that would meet present demand. If it sold out, at least people would have the opportunity at convenience rather than assuring none.

“It has been discussed and it’s not something we’re going to do.”

So why do we offer a Day Pass at all if only 33 purchased at $8, and we’ve raised the price to $9?

His response was that maybe they’ll look at ending the Day Pass.

I’m looking out for tourists and transit riders in our city, and what is Regina Transit doing for them? Raising their fares as fuel prices plummet, and failing to use technology and employees already on their buses to their full abilities.


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One thought on “Day Passes on #Transit Buses in Regina?

  1. “I was recently told by the City that they are unable to sell Day Passes on our City buses (like other cities do), because too few people have expressed the wish that they be available for sale on our buses. Day Passes are great for tourists, or families on weekends, you can travel all day (or a weekend) for $9. Presently they are only available for sale at some R-Card vendors (not URSU).

    Please join others phoning Service Regina at 306-777-7000 and tell them you’re requesting that Regina Transit sell (cheaper?) Day Passes on buses. They may ask for your contact information if you want them to follow up with a response. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time, typically. You could even use the call to also report a municipal annoyance (or compliment) found in your area of interest.

    Thanks for helping to improve our public transportation system.”

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