Why Aren’t Regina Buses All Full?

The reason families aren’t using the SGI New Year’s Eve  “ride free”promotion, is because taking family to supper at 5pm is about $10! And the $10 must be paid in coins, no cash because fare boxes don’t support it. $8 day/family passes are not offered on the bus, only at the Transit Office downtown and only work on weekends for a family.

New Year’s rides are not free as advertised, only if you get on the bus after 7pm! Clearly it’s designed only for people driving to a party where they’d have to abandon their car overnight if they take the bus home. Then, if they want to get their car on New Year’s Day, there’s NO bus service to take the driver back to it (for another $3).

URSU, where I buy Transit rides at the UofR, has inconveniently closed early for the holiday season, so I have to make a special trip to fill up my R-Card with less expensive 2015 rides. We don’t yet offer online payments for people to pay for bus rides.

We should be reducing the transit fare until buses are full, not raising it.

UPDATE: A year later, they cut another hour of free service.

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