Regina Budget Concerns Too Numerous To Mention All

Council is evading needed upgrades to our Transit system maintenance facility. Maybe they’re counting on big infrastructure dollars from the Federal government next year, but I really think they don’t care if our Transit system falls into disrepair, and lacks any usability.

From a capital perspective, the TMP recommends increasing transportation funding from $50 million to $61 million (in 2015 dollars) to expand the roadway network and build a new transit garage.

“We’re hoping we get to talk about it early in 2016 and then we’ll bring it forward for the 2017 budget,” said Coun. Barbara Young, who chairs the public works committee.

TRANSLATION: We’re hoping you’ll forget about it like you did the Parking Study and the Our Wascana reports we’ve recently suppressed.

She also said the reason for the delay is the expansiveness of the TMP.

“We need time to take it apart and ask how it was done, what was the methodology and who have you consulted with?” Young added. “We aren’t ready to take it public. We need more information.”

TRANSLATION: It’s really big and comprehensive, and we don’t know how to spin it into meaning we need to pour more money into roads instead of transit and cycling.

The TMP was created with public input at public meetings, you don’t need to “take it public”! This reeks of how the Mayor and Wascana Centre Authority are suppressing the Our Wascana report.

“One thing Young is looking forward to when the TMP is discussed is how the bike lanes are arranged, but said enhanced transportation is important for Regina.”

So “important”, we don’t need to do anything about implementing recommendations in the report until 2017 or later.


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