Our Wascana Report Suppressed By Mayor of Regina, and Province

The Mayor is keeping a 2 year old report under wraps because the decision makers don’t want their decision process to be transparent to the public.

“This is a significant report that is huge for the future of Wascana Centre Authority and until we have that review done by the partners we won’t release it,” Fougere said. “But we’ll release it when we’re ready and that should be next year.”

“the $800,000 report was paid for by the government of Saskatchewan and the City of Regina.”

So, it takes 3 years for them to decide in private, while Design Regina which recently implemented the entire City of Regina Official Community Plan remained public and was implemented in less time.

“Fougere said it would not be fair to the partnership that pays for the park’s operations to release the information before decisions are made.”

It’s not fair to taxpayers, and users of the park to not have access to what other users said they want done in the Park. The public sending in ideas for the park are the ones who’ve made the decisions, it’s just up to the board, Province, and City (and UofR) to implement them.

There are shades of the Parking Study in this report disappearing.

That budget request says the independent review has noted the authority’s “infrastructure deficit is over $70 million.”

The CEO of the authority is asking for $2 million in “urgent” repair for next year, when Bernadette McIntyre appears before the city’s executive committee today.

One thing coming up is the UofR expanding on City land where some would assume the Park exists instead, which is adjacent to Darke Hall.

“A Q&A with yours truly about what made the @ourwascana project a success @IntFutures. Thanks @collabservinc http://ow.ly/2aYLLe”

Any time you propose a major design change to a civic jewel like the Wascana Centre, people are going to have very strong opinions. How did the ourWascana process ensure that every opinion was heard and considered?

ourWascana fed into the Comprehensive Review Project for Wascana Centre Authority, which will then lead to a review of the master plan for the space. Having said that, I have to give tremendous credit to the Strategic Planning Committee and Bernadette McIntyre, the Executive Director of Wascana Centre Authority. Throughout the process, they never wavered from our approach to have a completely honest, open conversation and to hold judgement and listen to what the community had to say. It was really remarkable to work with a group of people like that.

Wascana needs a lot of money to catch up on crumbling infrastructure. It doesn’t even have a bathroom available in the evening at the park beside the Legislature where tourists and gear-heads hang out in the Summer.

ourWascana from light & soul on Vimeo.


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