#YQRcc Council’s Deliberations On The U-Pass

4:30 Hawkins:”Doing a little bit of social engineering here.”

“I’m worried about the environment too, and quite frankly I don’t think this is going to help the environment one bit! I think they way we’re going to help the environment in the next 20 & 30 & 40 years is to build better cars that pollute less, that run on energy efficient clean fuels and that are built with materials that are recyclable. In other words, I think that we’re going to solve the problem of urban transit with technological innovation.

I’m well aware that some people disagree with this, but that’s what I think is going to happen. I don’t think it’s a realistic vision of the future to think that in a Winter city, like Regina, that we are going to abandon cars en masse, Therefore I think the correct solution is not to try and change the culture, but to allow people choice, and to make sure that we have available to people, technologically clean choices. That’s the direction urban transit will go in the future.”

8:15 O’Donnell: “The way I look at this, is a group of students in a democratic society…, who chose to vote and go with something… I like that.”

9:15 Fraser: “For people that’ll never use it, it means better parking actually.”
“Students don’t have to buy a car… this is really going to save them thousands of dollars.”
“The big cultural change piece here, we’re going to start graduating transit riders, when they graduate university and keep riding the bus.”

11:20 Bryce: “I truly think this is a good deal for the people of Regina.”

11:50 Burnett: “I have to be honest, I actually changed my point of view from when the package first came into the system, when I was very uncomfortable and nervous about the numbers around the vote, but as we started getting into the discussions I think and certainly others have mentioned the key benefits to the City are a chance to get $1.6Mil in revenue. In terms of the enhanced bus service in parts of the city, my Ward, Ward 4, certainly will benefit from those services. But I think in my mind, the change in my mind came from I guess the professionalism of the delegations of students coming forward. At my age I gotta start to recognize as time moves on, to start putting trust into the next generation. And I have to believe and trust you folks who are on the ground at the campus, you’re hearing from students daily, and it would be your phone that would be rung off the hook if it’d been a backlash. … Is it really our responsibility to question how you raise the money? …Health and Dental, I’m sure the insurance carrier wasn’t questioning if the students were going to pay.”
15:46 Flegel: “Mr. Enright, the last time we had a non-profit come here and say we’ll give you $1.6Mil, if you help us out?”
Mayor: “Trick question Mr. Enright.”
Enright: “Your Worship, in the time I’ve been here, that has not happened. And to the best of my knowledge prior to that it did not happen.”
Flegel: “They’re offering to give us $1.6Mil to help them out, and we’re debating this? Originally I was not for it, because I was looking more on the side of us vs. them, but it’s become a community affair and it’s not just the university students anymore, yes they’re funding it because it’s directly related to what they want, but it also helps the city out with 5 buses…” “A non-profit.. it’s pretty stable ground in my books.”

17:00 Young: “I am so for this.”
“Ward 1, where we have parking issues, and also the UofR is in Ward 1.” She compliments the City and students being able to come up with an agreement in a short span of time.

18:00 Hincks: “I too will be supporting this.” Expresses concern for areas of the city without sidewalks where people have to walk to the bus.

19:00 Mayor: Initially not in favour, and now is. “I’m not so sure it will revolutionize how we take Transit in the city, I think that will be evolutionary over a number of years. But anytime we can enhance bus service across the city, that’s very good as well.
“included or excluded from voting”
He seemed to remark that some URSU students living outside of the City were not allowed to vote, which is not the case. Devon made this clarification to the media after.

Here’s how things were when the delegation first appeared before Council, and Hawkins started grilling them like McCarthy.


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