Put That In Your Tailpipe And Smoke It

The U-Pass will greatly improve Transit in Regina, and it’s thanks to students investing in their community when City Council would not do it by themselves.

When the U-Pass first came up at Council two years ago, that Councillor said she didn’t want to build the Transit system “on the backs of seniors”. Now, Councillor Hawkins doesn’t want it done on the backs of students, apparently. Maybe they both forgot that it’s the taxpayers who should be directly paying for their Transit system. And as for “financial hardship” they each voted to raise student bus fares with no increase in service just last year.

Councillor Hawkins seems to have no problem with Reginans being socially engineered to drive everywhere with incomplete neighbourhood developments (a violation of the Official Community Plan bylaw), but objects to a lower-pollution transportation option. He claimed at this meeting to support new cleaner car technology instead, but only this Summer voted AGAINST 0-tailpipe emission car chargers that the City was being offered for free.

In January, the Councillor said the referendum turnout lacked legitimacy. Perhaps realizing his own election turnout was comparable, tonight he changed his tune to try and cast other aspects of the URSU referendum as needing a re-vote. Councillors Burnett and Flegel both soundly shot down that point, the latter asking the City Administration when the last time a non-profit waltzed into Council with over a million dollars offered if only they get a little help with a service the City provides anyway.

If City Council had taken my advice and bought enough new buses last year, instead of now, they’d have saved enough money to buy an extra bus!

BONUS snark:
This tweet tends to work for most of the Councillors in any given context:


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