UPass At City Council

Showing my support of the students who’ve took it upon themselves to improve the City’s transit system.

Dear City Clerk:
I wish to appear before council with the following presentation:

Good evening Your Worship and City Council,

As a staff person at the University of Regina, the UPass will indirectly make my commute to work better.

John Klein


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2 thoughts on “UPass At City Council

  1. Mr. Klein, I am the person who directed staff to place your one-sentence statement as “communications” on Monday’s agenda.

    Section 16 (1) (b) of The Procedure Bylaw states that Every delegation wishing to appear before Council shall:

    “submit a brief clearly setting out the full text of their presentation and the request being made of Council.”

    Section 2.1 goes on to state that delegations . . . “may either make the presentation submitted pursuant to clause (1) (b) or provide a verbal summary of that presentation, subject to the time limits . . . “

    This was meant to make it easier for interested parties appearing before Council to adjust their verbal presentations as they deemed appropriate (such as including new information that they may have found prior to the meeting and/or heard from another delegation). It was not intended for delegations to submit a “one-line” sentence without Council members having the specific content of the presentation.

    Given your past presentations to Council, I would expect that you have considerable information/perspective to share with Council and members of the public. In the past, you have always adhered to the spirit and intent of The Procedure Bylaw, so I believe you understand what is typically expected. It is neither onerous nor time-consuming.

    The agenda will be posted as. I will, however, provide Council, the public and the media with a more fulsome version of your presentation on Monday evening should you choose to submit something to my office by noon Monday.

    Jim Nicol

    Chief Legislative Officer & City Clerk

    City of Regina

    Later on Friday:

    Dear Mr. Nicol,
    I’ve helpfully added a few words to better fit the requirement of “the request being made of Council.”

    Good evening Your Worship and City Council,

    As a staff person at the University of Regina, the UPass will indirectly make my commute to work better, so I hope this Council implements it soon.


    I realize you must have to deal with deceptive and insincere people in your position as a civil servant, so it was perhaps natural to assume I was attempting to deceive you about the content of my atypically short presentation. However, as always, I was being completely sincere when I submitted my presentation, as brief as it may be. I’m sure you’ve heard the old comment about trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, as being an example of insanity. It wouldn’t make sense for me to present for five minutes on a subject I’ve already outlined my position on extensively for five minutes. It is, I think, useful for Council to be able to ask questions of an employee of the location most likely to indirectly benefit from the proposed student changes to Regina Transit, now that it’s more completely considered.

    The process of doubting my sincerity has multiplied the effort I’ve had to spend appearing before Council this time, which already takes up the majority of my Monday evening, unpaid. I hope it can now go as smoothly as it often does when I conform to your expectations of me.

    John Klein

    The delegation was posted as this, rather than just the presentation:

  2. Since an updated agenda wasn’t posted after noon today, I emailed and learned after 3:40 that I was allowed to appear before Council this evening, after all.

    Happy ending: The UPass passed with apparently all in favour except Councillor Hawkins.

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