CBC’s Unfair Election Coverage

Letter to CBC:

Dear CBC Saskatoon,
I’m extremely displeased with your unfair coverage this morning, which intentionally excluded a candidate from Saskatoon Grasswood. This runs counter to CBC’s decision to invite the Green Party leader Elizabeth May to the Consortium debate this election. It also is contrary to the decency shown the Conservative candidate, who was invited but refused to even initially respond.

A public broadcaster should strive to be more fair, and offer equal unpaid time to political candidates, even if you happen to disagree with their ideas, their party, or their chances of becoming elected. If the likelihood of being elected was the deciding factor, why was the Liberal candidate invited?

If your technology constrains having more than 2 guests on the air simultaneously, perhaps an upgrade should be considered, or an alternate style of presenting the candidates individually as The National did last week. If time was the constraint, please reconsider what’s more important news than the discussion of platform ideas by local candidates during an election campaign.

John Klein

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