UPass Passes Again

One stubborn (or anti-transit) Councillor didn’t manage to derail the student’s UPass bus pass poised to be implemented in 2016. There’s still the Council meeting at the end of this month for it to pass, and the URSU Board of Directors will also have to give approval for the deal reached by the URSU executive on behalf of students.

If Councillor Hawkins feels that the UPass doesn’t have enough votes already to be legitimate, he may as well resign from his Council seat to avoid appearing as a legitimate hypocrite.
If he doesn’t want students to “subsidize” Transit, he’s in a position to better fund Regina Transit from our tax dollars, and lobby the provincial government to give something for Transit rather than nothing.

Why wouldn’t students want to oppose a Councillor who in part raised their bus passes by $200 with no service level improvement?

– me


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