Feed Regina Sustainably

Chris sent me this video

It reminds me of the work that Rick of Eat Healthy Foods and Aloha Farm is trying to do near (and for) Regina and its children.

Dan in the video says he gets asked:
“How are you going to feed the world?”
“I don’t love that question.”
1 billion people will go hungry today (in 2010), because of “gross inequalities”.

Rick is working to change the Agri-business business plan.
“Start by asking, how are we going to feed ourselves.
To do that, don’t look at the Agri-business model. Instead look to the ecological model that relies on 2 billion years of experience.”

Pledge $50 and you get a bag of veggies, and your schools will be filled with properly fed children ready to learn (once the project is funded). Pledge $10, and share Rick’s Kickstarter campaign with your friends in and around Regina if you’ve not got $50 to pledge.

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