Higher Water Bills

I expected a story like this, when our water bill appeared to have increased as we used less water than in a typical month.

““On balance, those consumption levels reflect the amount of water that they’ve used in the billing period,” said the city’s chief financial officer Ed Archer, adding that people might not have realized their level of consumption before the conservation advisory was put in place.”
“Brenda Kapp isn’t convinced. She called Service Regina earlier this week after noticing an increase to 12.19 cubic metres during the conservation period compared to 4.93 cubic metres in the previous billing period. She said she regularly conserves water and was hyper vigilant during the advisory period.

Service Regina advised her to do a leak test, which involves reading the water meter before going to bed and in the morning over a few days. It revealed nothing, Kapp said.

Someone from the city’s utilities department also called Kapp and told her that based on her consumption history since 2007, the jump was normal, she said. The history, provided to the Leader-Post, shows annual peaks between the end of May and end of September. Kapp’s average monthly consumption had decreased consistently over the years; it sat at 8.83 cubic metres last year. The last time Kapp’s consumption was as high as 12.19 cubic metres was in July 2014.

“I still think it’s incorrect,” Kapp said. “How can so many people have this inconsistency in their billing?””


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