Electric Vehicles Criss-crossing Regina

It sounds perhaps like science fiction to think of Electric Vehicles criss-crossing Regina every day, but that’s just what happened until the Regina Transit streetcar network was destroyed and shut down.
11th Ave. and Winnipeg St. Streetcar tracks in Regina. #transit
-Road work on 11th Ave. and Winnipeg St. reveals our transit history.

11th Ave.
This family stopped and talked with me about the road construction. The father noted that the bakery on Winnipeg St. used to deliver milk to the city’s residents.

Streetcar map of Regina

Others should find it disturbing, (and probably not surprising) that Council has given almost no new resources to Regina Transit to correct the shortfalls I listed for them over 2 years ago at a Council meeting.

That reminds me, I’ve been waiting over 6 months to hear back from the parking manager of RQHR after contacting him twice. (I think he’s perhaps avoiding getting back to me for some reason…)

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