The Saintly People Who Work For Us

I think we can conclude from this story that Regina has many gems working for us at City Hall. Who else would take a job at almost half of what they are worth, unless they loved serving the public here so much?

In 2008 Davies was paid $192,264. Six years later, in 2014, his pay was up 53 per cent to $294,754.

Hagen enjoyed a similar improvement, from $168,447 in 2008 to $253,275 in 2014, a hike of 50 per cent.

The public accounts show wages for the 10 best-paid employees in the city rose 42 per cent over six years.

According to the Bank of Canada, general inflation over that same time frame was 9.8 per cent.

I’m just smiling that Regina has managed to bounce back from its pension crisis after 2008 so well that it’s managed to catch up to its financial obligations to its best paid civil servants, and now suitably rewards them for their top-notch service to our city. Well done.

Of course, not everyone feels that way.

Even the Canada Geese honk at the increase.

It’s good to know that the City isn’t afraid to pay competitive wages to attract talent. We now know that the reason we have too few heavy mechanics to maintain the Transit system can’t possibly include a failure to offer an attractive salary. It must be the state of facilities or equipment for them once on the job, instead.


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