City Not Looking At Electric Future

I’m completely disappointed CBC didn’t contact the City or Sun Country for comment before publishing this rehash of the City’s report on free EV chargers. What about seeing if someone spoke to it at the Public Works meeting at 4pm yesterday first? This wasn’t balanced/responsible journalism.

The City’s perspective appears to be to preserve as much parking meter revenue as possible, at the expense of planning to accommodate/support presently available vehicle types their citizens own, and will own in greater numbers in the near future. The effort to save $26000 installing the chargers where the City wants isn’t commendable when they blow $1000000 on giving away parking to City employees every year, according to their own Parking Study they kept hidden for years until a journalist at another organization uncovered it.

The OCP says the City should be looking at improving sustainability, and the Transportation Master Plan makes a similar suggestion.


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