Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink #YQRcc

Did the Mayor seem a little snippy in that video clip?

Who is going to do that work, Mr. Mayor? Will Council support requirement of greywater systems in new housing construction within the city?

So if the Mayor meant the City is going to do the work, they missed the mark by at least 5%. Take up my greywater idea, and surpass the mark next time there’s a similar water crisis.

Here’s the alternative proposed in the Official Community Plan approved by this Mayor, posed in the form of a math problem:

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One thought on “Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink #YQRcc

  1. “Water Reduction Update

    Staged Return-to-Normal Water Usage Now in Effect.
    Residents and Businesses Responding

    Residents and businesses in Regina are responding to Monday’s request for a staged, gradual return to normal water usage over a two-week time period.

    Over the past 24-hours, water usage in Regina has increased at a slow and reasonable pace. Water is essential so the City thanks residents and businesses for their actions, and appreciates everyone’s continued support.

    The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant was able to meet demand for Regina and Moose Jaw and Regina’s reservoirs are near full. The water in various depths in Buffalo Pound Lake is reported to be at a more consistent level of 19.7 C. The lake is also starting to reach the desired level as water moves through from Diefenbaker. The City’s back up water wells remain off.

    City pools are being filled according to the return-to-normal water use schedule posted on Regina.ca. Tentative outdoor pool opening dates now available.

    Central irrigation for parks and open spaces is also returning to normal following the staged plan. People may notice water going on and off as irrigation systems are tested.

    If anyone notices what appears to be City Water running uncontrolled, they are asked to notify Service Regina at 306-777-7000. In these cases, the public is helpful in serving as extra eyes across the City.

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