Any Bike Plans This Time?

This was sent to the City of Regina, and hopefully will quickly find its way to the traffic engineers who are right now seeing their plans come to life in the ripped out cement and asphalt at the north end of the University.


For the intersection redesign at Wascana Parkway and University Dr. N., I’d like to confirm that consideration has been given to bicycle traffic east and westbound. As you know, Wascana Parkway has a bike lane on both the south and northbound lanes, so it would make sense to now ensure there is room for separated bike lanes east into the UofR and west into the Hillsdale neighbourhood. Southbound cycling traffic needs a safe way to cross Wascana Parkway into the UofR, since the Parkway operates at near highway speeds of 70km/h.


An opportunity was missed at University Dr. S. and Kramer Blvd. during reconstruction 3 years ago, and now cyclists merge with faster vehicle traffic into a single lane entering campus there.

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