A Culture of Consulting Missing At City Hall

I stepped onto a bus last year and struck up a conversation with the driver. I mentioned the bus stop that Regina Transit had finally installed closer to my residence, at my urging. The driver encouraged me to continue to speak up, because they felt management didn’t listen to bus driver concerns. That has got to change.

Managers and Councillors should consult people working in related departments, before they make ill-fated decisions. Few people know transit in Regina better than those who drive the buses, so their opinions should factor into decisions around lanes and stop locations.

Bus drivers bemoan losing lanes (on 11th and 12th Avenues)

On Monday, city council voted to eliminate the bus lanes on 11th Avenue between Albert and Broad streets, and 12th Avenue between Albert and Lorne streets.
Don Baker found the move “puzzling.”
… He said getting stuck behind cars “will back us up even more.

I wish we’d had a chance to raise our concerns about it.
Baker only found out about the bylaw change Wednesday morning.
“I never even knew this was coming down the pipe,” he said.”

The City’s response, and planning in regard to this change is disappointing.

When asked about the union’s concerns, (manager of traffic) Ravi Seera said they were considered.

They obviously weren’t consulted, so if their concerns were considered it was simply by coincidence that they simultaneously realized the same problems. Only they disregarded (or solved?) them.

“I think this will allow better traffic flow overall, and we don’t foresee any negative impact on buses,” Seera said.”

Oh, so they didn’t anticipate the same problems, or then solve them.

Councillor Fraser anticipated problems, so the expected failure of traffic flow will be monitored for up to a year before Council is (maybe) presented with the report showing how they failed.

Bruce Pierce said·
They’re going to “educate transit workers on the changes”, what a joke that it since they don’t have a clue what they’re doing in the first place.

Dig into the background to this story by reading my previous blog post.

The lack of a dedicated bus lane straight through 11th Ave. (where cars park and stop instead), may have been a factor in a bus with bad brakes veering off the street into a light pole which killed a Regina woman over a year ago.


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