Why Was Parking Study Hidden?

It shouldn’t take an Access to Info. request to release a public study to the public. The irony of this report being filed under “open government” is somewhat amusing. So, what was being kept hidden, and why? We may not find out why, but we now know what.

well-meaning measures are sometimes implemented which worsen, rather than relieve, the City’s parking imbalance.

Recall the Mayor’s ideas of building a parkade downtown, or moving buses from 11th Ave.? Those are good examples of well-meaning measures sought, which if implemented will worsen, rather than relieve, Regina’s parking problem.

Remember the uproar a few months ago about nurses threatened after leaving work at the General Hospital? The years old report addressed the parking problem (to some degree).

The City should install multi space meters or pay stations in the residential shoulder areas of downtown; an additional two or three blocks to the east (St. John Street), south (College Avenue) and west (Rae Street) for the purpose of expanding the areas available for short term street parking, encourage turnover in high demand areas (such as the area around Regina General Hospital),

Recommendations for the General stop there.

There are other areas within the City of Regina that are currently experiencing parking issues, such as the neighborhoods surrounding the General Hospital, the Pasqua Hospital, and the University of Regina. These areas warrant further investigation, but they are not included in the scope of this study.

What would work to reduce “parking congestion” instead?

$2 per hour as is common in other mid-sized cities in Western Canada.

Metering to Reduce Congestion – As metering parking space has the ability to suppress demand through time and fee restriction, meters or pay stations are the most effective tool for encouraging turnover of space in congested residential area.

So the next time you hear someone, like the Mayor, pushing for a parkade instead of an increased parking meter rate, you’ll know they haven’t done their homework. Although well meaning, their effort will only make things worse (and cost a lot of million dollars in the mean time).

A guess at why the study was being hidden would be to assume that it wasn’t in the interest of Councillors or City employees to release the study that said the following:

The city sells some 8,000 daily or monthly permits per year. More than half of those are issued for free. Their largest beneficiary are city employees.

The report estimates the city loses an estimated $1.3 million annually by giving out these permits


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