How Much Do We Need New Transit Funding?

The FCM notes that average commute times in the Greater Toronto Area and Metro Montreal are more than 75 minutes, which is longer than commutes in London, New York and Los Angeles. Average daily commute times in Vancouver are 67 minutes and 66 minutes in Calgary.

Canadian cities are underfunded when it comes to their public transportation systems. Regina is no exception. Regina also gets $0 in provincial transit funding, although the provincial government tries to spin it as somewhat more than 0. In an increasingly urban province, that’s a recipe for economic slow-down and happiness disasters in our cities.

Mr. Louie said the FCM’s message is that transit funding has several benefits.

“Economically, transit pays dividends to our business community because the movement of goods and services is much more efficient and everyone’s quality of life goes up because they’re not stuck in their vehicles commuting,” he said.


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