Regina Parents Shrink Into Irrational Fear

It concerns me that a school division gave into cowardly Regina parents who succumbed to threats in terrorist propaganda, and media hype about it.

Stand up to fear, and set a better example for those children kept from their field trip.

Regina isn’t alone in pervasive hysteria about a non-threat to our safety. Here’s a scared person in Lethbridge:

I hope speaking out about the really awful media coverage around this story, and its failure to properly put the threats into context, will help us move past this dark time in Canada’s history.


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4 thoughts on “Regina Parents Shrink Into Irrational Fear

  1. It’s completely false to say that keeping kids away from WEM is “protecting” them. If you want to protect them, give them the skills to spot government propaganda, and baseless threats, and not give into them. Remove a real risk they face, instead, and leave the nonsense for fools to look after.

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