Walk Softly on Ice, and Carry a Big Stick

I dug and pushed two cars out of the snow in the alley and on the street yesterday. I’ve more snow to shovel today, but more appears to be on the way today and tomorrow even.

A City Councillor was getting on my case yesterday for suggesting that snow should be pushed first from the sidewalk into the streets (where only cars park). He doesn’t understand how to give priority to people walking and biking, but looking at this city, that’s not surprising.

A Petro-Can gas station on Victoria Ave. plows its parking lot, but leaves ice and snow built-up on its sidewalks. I’m sure this Councillor has never hounded them on proper snow cleaning etiquette. Since a business probably isn’t eligible for a Snowbuster prize, what’s the “carrot” being used by City Hall if the “stick” isn’t working as their motivation?


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